Gastvrij Rotterdam offers a number of workshops, demonstrations, master classes, competitions and tastings with star chefs, master chefs, Masters of Wine and top gastronomists. 


The opening hours of Gastvrij Rotterdam are:

Monday: 11:00 - 18:00

Tuesday: 11:00 - 18:00

Wednesday: 11:00 - 18:00


Special pavilions

When you visit the congress, do not forget to check out the special pavilions. On the special pavilions you can find the right information and inspiration sorted by subject. 


Dit Smaakt Naar Meer! Pavilion at Hall 5

At the Dit Smaakt Naar Meer! Pavilion, it is all about sustainable inspiration. In this 6th edition, more than 35 exhibitors and a lot of other chefs and lecturers are ready to make the Dit Smaakt Naar Meer! pavilion a big sustainable success. Every day an inspiring, culinary session will take place in the kitchen of Dit Smaakt Naar Meer! pavilion. This year, the theme of Dit Smaakt Naar Meer! pavilion is "Dutch Cuisine".  The Dit Smaakt Naar Meer! pavilion is made possible by Green Leisure. 


Foodintro LIVE! Paviljoen at Hall 6

At Foodintro LIVE!, new introductions, products and innovations of start-ups and scale-ups are presented. Cooperation and meetings are the central subject of this pavilion. You can follow a few activities, such as the Foodintro LIVE! Market where start-ups, food of the region and new introductions and innovations get special attention. There also is a Workshop: LIVE by Foodintro, where you can gain inspiration and knowledge and have kitchentabelsessions and innovationtalks with specialists.


Hotel Collectief at Hall 5

Many suppliers of amongst other things, conscious produced beds, sanitary, cleaning products, interior and so on are decorating the Duurzame Hotelkamer. Across from the Duurzame Hotelkamer, a new initiative will be launched called: Het Hotel Collectief. At Het Hotel Collectief, many suppliers are happy to present their products to (hotel)entrepeneurs. Misset Horeca and Misset Hotel are also present at Het Hotel Collectief.


House of Spirits at Hall 4

This year not only inspiring liquorbrands are present at House of Spirits. A program at Stage of Spirits and a 'get together' drink during The Spirits AFTER on the mondaynight are added to the program. This, in cooperation with Paula Plantinga of Miss Publicity. The House of Spirits is made possible by Hoshizaki and BarSupport.


Kenniscentrum voor Bier at Hall 6

During Gastvrij Rotterdam, tasting with a goal will be stimulated. Especially if it increases productknowlegde and insights in efficiency improvements. Beer at Gastvrij rotterdam is positioned that way with daily an inspiring program at he Kenniscentrum voor Bier.


KookPodium in Hall 2

Working masterchefs, jamsessions, cooking demonstrations and creative culinary presentations! Get inspired at KookPodium where a busy program is waiting for you, organised by multiple (Founding) Partners of Gastvrij Rotterdam. Ramona van Zweden will explain everything what happends on KookPodium. 


Netwerklounge at Hall 4

Guests are received in the Netwerklounge on a daily basis for networkmeetings and drinks. The Netwerklounge is hosted by Verwiel & Wijngaard Personeelsprojecten and is made possible by Entree Magazine, Heineken and Groupe du Vin.


WedstrijdArena in Hall 6

In the WedstrijdArena, hosted by Euro-Toques Nederland, a competition will take place to win Het Glazen Kalf, the Young Chef Award. the PalingbokAal 2018 and the PUUR koken with wild award. The Keltum restaurantprijs will also be handed out. 


Wine & Fine Food in Hall 4

In the pleasant ambiance of Wine & Fine Food, you can taste extraordinary wines & delicatessen and search for the perfect wine. Get informed about the latest trends of wines! Wine professionals will give masterclasses and wine tastings at the Wijntheater. At the congress itself, many brands are at the central of the attention and there is also a diversity of winehouses. You can also attend a demonstration of the Nederlands Patisserie Team. 



Founding partners
  • Bidfood
  • Cordier
  • De Zeeuw
  • Eijsink Afrekensystemen B.V.
  • Heineken
  • J. van Doorn BV
  • Makro
  • Nespresso professional
  • Rational
  • Rungis
  • Satelliet
  • Schmidt Zeevis
  • Verwiel en Wijngaard
  • Winterhalter Nederland BV
  • AF&BM
  • Barsupport
  • Bocuse d'Or
  • De Buik
  • Euro-Toques Nederland
  • Gastronomisch Gilde
  • Gastvrijheidsgilde
  • Gault & Millau
  • Green Leisure
  • Hotello TOP
  • KHN
  • ProVeg International
  • SVH
  • Wijnvrouw van het Jaar

  • Algemeen Dagblad
  • De Restaurant Krant
  • Dolce World
  • Entree magazine
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  • Horeca Magazine
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